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Kashmir Hindu Foundation (KHF) has been launched in the USA, with an ambitious plan to create a Kashmiri Cultural Center, the first such center outside India. The Kashmiri Cultural Center will provide home to the expression of arts and culture that showcases the richness of Kashmir Hindu heritage. For all the Kashmiri Hindus in the USA and in other parts of world, it will provide a window to the beautiful valley and through this glorious view, create a stark contrast as a reminder of their painful exodus from Kashmir. It will provide an opportunity to the world to learn and experience the culture of Kashmir, with its spiritual gurus, soulful poetry and music, Kashmir Shaivism, arts, history and the humanities. This center will house a library with potentially the largest collection of books on Kashmir.

The launch of this global Kashmir Hindu Foundation comes at an opportune time, to spotlight the interests and needs of the once glorious Kashmiri Hindu community, now dwindling and scattered around the globe. Yet, these Kashmiri Hindus add to the richness of the communities where they presently reside and organized efforts of the KHF will also help to preserve and better channel their contributions. Kashmiri Hindu Foundation will serve to:

• Promote and encourage the contributions of Kashmiri Hindus worldwide.
• Improve the lives of some unfortunate ones of our community and bring them hope.
• Increase awareness of external threats to the community and issues within and help develop and implement meaningful solutions.

Kashmiri Hindu Foundation is committed to creating awareness and understanding of the traditional culture of Kashmiri Pandits through diverse media such as music, theater, literature and related arts. It will drive efforts to raise funds for the Kashmir Cultural Center and will be key proponent of ‘Connect to Kashmir’ events. The organization will help to launch a worldwide print edition of the existing online news magazine that has established itself to the world as the voice of the Kashmiri.

It is recognized that no Kashmiri Hindu organization can ignore the plight of the old, untended and underprivileged among us. This organization will increase awareness regarding the painful effects of the exodus on the population of Kashmiri Hindus and organize efforts for their mitigation. Many prominent Kashmiri Pandits from US, India and other countries are excited to be part of the projects undertaken by KHF.


“Showcasing the richness of our culture and remembering the cruel extermination of Kashmiri Hindus from Kashmir is perhaps the most important and most effective shield against the danger of losing our identity”, declared Ankit Monga from California.

KulBhushan Razdan of Illinois, ex-Director of Kashmiri Overseas Association said, “This organization will be based on continual learning and growing, service and love and not withdrawal and hate.”

Echoing Mr. Razdan’s comments, Mr. Mohan Bamzai a long time resident of Chicago said, “The time has come to establish Kashmir Hindu Foundation to promote our culture and pass on our rich heritage to our young people. Our culture will not die as some people have predicted. It will continue to blossom in a rich diverse society of the future in the world. The time has come to show our brilliance collectively.”

Deepak Ganju of Florida, Managing Editor of Shehjar Magazine and Ex-President of KOA strongly feels a need to create special arts and culture projects and support these with a sustained funding mechanism. He further reiterated that "To create an awareness and understanding of the traditional culture of Kashmiri Pandits through diverse medium such as music, theater, literature, publication and related arts is required to keep our community alive"

Dr. Anil Kaul of Oklohoma, a proud recepient of Science Achiever of the Year award for his research on infectious diseases and Director of the Asia-Pacific region for the International Infectious Diseases Society for Obstetricians & Gynecologists.will look for opportunities to collaborate with similar Indian and overseas organizations to promote the activities of Kashmir Hindu Foundation.

The foundation will be a tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of USA, and will be operated exclusively for exempt purposes set forth.