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Fifith Annual Cultural Meet at Bass Lake
Recently concluded KP Cultural Meet at Bass Lake was super success. Kasilash Mehra Sadhu's concert was a big hit. In a historic significance ... more

Awareness of Kashmiri Cause
Is an advocacy group providing a progressive voice for over two million Kashmiri Hindus. more


Culture maintains its uninterrupted flow dismantling the man-made barriers between past and present. Its sweet rhythm and ennobling dignity does not at all grow stale. Its self-assigned duty of guarding the eternal values does never become boring. It is a pleasure and an obligation at the same time.

Now the scene has undergone a veritable change - a natural phenomenon, to speak precisely. Sanskrit had become the language of the elite only, and Persian an administrative vehicle of the Sultans. Kashmiri culture had to seek a new medium for its expression, under these circumstances. Moreover, it elected to initiate a rapport with the general masses for which the home-spun idiom, enshrined in the Kashmiri language, offered the only choice for providing tongue to our cultural values. Hence, the form of expression did undergo a change from classical medium to modern vernacular, but the content remained the same. It was definitely a continuous projection of our tradition, built inch by inch by the denizens of this Valley, saturated by the prowess of their mind and spirit.

In the foregoing web pages, an attempt has been made to portray the universal truth that to-day is nothing but the rebirth of yesterday, with its heart-beats intact. Environs do change, irrepressible strains and stresses do haunt the body, yet the soul remains always unaffected and, consequently, unruffled.