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Fifith Annual Cultural Meet at Bass Lake
Recently concluded KP Cultural Meet at Bass Lake was super success. Kasilash Mehra Sadhu's concert was a big hit. In a historic significance ... more

Awareness of Kashmiri Cause
Is an advocacy group providing a progressive voice for over two million Kashmiri Hindus. more

Cultural Center

The Kashmiri Cultural Center will provide home to the expression of arts and culture that showcases the richness of Kashmir Hindu heritage. For all the Kashmiri Hindus in the USA and in other parts of world, it will provide a window to the beautiful valley and through this glorious view, create a stark contrast as a reminder of their painful exodus from Kashmir. It will provide an opportunity to the world to learn and experience the culture of Kashmir, with its spiritual gurus, soulful poetry and music, Kashmir Shaivism, arts, history and the humanities. This center will house a library with potentially the largest collection of books on Kashmir.